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Miss Rona Got You Feeling Creative?

Social distancing is the new wave now—even extroverts are doing it!

In extreme and unprecedented times like these when sources all over the world are recommending the entire population keep a six-foot radius from another human being, you would think it’d be a great time to explore the creative options you’ve been neglecting. It seems like a perfect opportunity to dust your painting supplies, re-open that Google doc with your latest novel idea, or start that hobby you’ve been meaning to try (or in my case learn all the TikTok dances that everyone already knows).

With an indefinite amount of free time on our hands, and in the current state the world is living in, one of the first instincts we have is to create. But what happens when the words don’t come rushing in? Or the picture in your mind doesn’t convey perfectly on the canvas? What then?

What we need to realize when our creativity comes to a halt is that we don’t need to take this crucial time of rest to be productive.

The future is uncertain, the world is in shambles, and this pandemic is showing how rich the capitalistic policies we hold determine the safety of our communities. This may not be the time to create for everyone. Yes, we may get bored and need something to do, but for those who can’t think clearly, who have anxiety about what’s to come, just know that caring for yourself may mean refraining from exerting your efforts on a creative project.

Don’t let “rise and grind” weirdos dictate how you should use these weeks of quarantine. You don’t always need to be productive. You don’t always need to figure out your next step. Sometimes staying still and calming the mind and body is enough.

That is where I am—the anxiety I get nightly after reading the horror stories of the states and countries that are ahead of the coronavirus timeline in my community keep me up at night. They make my feet sweat and keep my muscles tense as I toss and turn in the dark.

I think about all the time I will have now that events and social gatherings have been cancelled—I can work on editing my novel! I can still make the deadlines I gave myself at the end of last year!

Right? Haha. Wrong!

Even if I weren’t preparing to move into my new home (right in time for the economy to collapse—go me!), I still wouldn’t be able to give my energy to my writing. I am too scared about the rising numbers, too horrified about the symptoms I might show if I were infected, too afraid of how it will affect my loved ones. I’m fucking terrified.

And I can’t put that type of fear in my regular writing. I can’t bring that uncertainty to a project that I finished with utmost clarity and unwavering intention to publish and share with the world. Simply, the vibes are off ~

So take a second to examine where you are right now and what kind of projects you’ve been putting off that you want to explore during Miss Rona’s arrival. Don’t feel pressured to make something just because you’ve been grounded for a couple weeks or so. Do what you think will calm you, do what gives you joy and a sense of accomplishment—and if that is starting or continuing a creative project, then by all means! Do whatever it is that makes you feel like you can get through this, and you will.

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